This page will show you how to easily convert your downloaded paint from FSX/P3D to FS9 in a few steps.


 The two model series talking about are available on the FSX AI Bureau´s homepage. 

All steps shown here will work for all models of the chosen aircraft.

The procedure is made of 3 easy steps.

1. converting the 2048px .DDS-file to a 1024px .BMP-file
2. adding the correct alpha-channel to show the sat-domes
3. saving your FS9 texture in the correct format. 


and put all the files into the texture folder that contains the texture to convert.
Maybe you will receive a warning from your browser
because the compiler is an executable file. You can trust them.


launch nconvert.bat

Now you will see your 1024px .BMP texture appearing in your texture folder.


Adding a sat-dome to the aircraft is made via the alpha channel.
It´s a layer in the BMP-file that hides black areas and let white area show up.

To identify the alpha channel that needs to be added
you need to check pictures or easily the FSX paint and

the different alpha-channels for the Boeing 73NG



the different alpha-channels for the Airbus 32x

Extract the downloaded ZIP-file to a location you like.

Open up the texture folder with the converted FS9 texture from STEP 1 and open the texture with DXTbmp. This can be done via the opening button in DXTbmp or easier if you associate DXTbmp to open all .bmp-files. Result should look like this.

In the right top corner you can still see the FSX alpha channel that now needs to be change to the FS9 alpha channel. If you save the texture with the FSX alpha channel only the white parts like the tail and the windows will appear.

open the "Alpha" menu and click 

Import Alpha Channel

A message tells you the existing alpha channel will be overwritten.
Navigate to your extracted bitmaps that you have downloaded.
In the case of the shown American paint there is no dome to add. 
So choose the _blank.bmp.

Now the FS9 alpha channel will appear. The black quarters are hiding the domes now.


Saving the texture is done via the menu shown in the next picture. 
As on option you can check the box "Include when saving" in the Mipmaps menu 
below your imported alpha channel if you like to include them.

Choose DXT3 in the file format menu and hit save. 
Override the existing file.

Your FS9 texture is now ready to use.